Ditching Doubt

Ditching Doubt

Posted on 20. Jul, 2011 by in 1 Leadership, Change In Action, People & Change

What’s the message you send when you ease someone’s doubt? Is it that you care? Perhaps you love the person? You’re a rock star? They’re a rock star?

The point here is that you have daily opportunities to help others ditch their doubts about their talents. About their work.  

By you easing your colleagues’ minds, helping them ditch doubt, you free them up that much more to contribute their best work. You free them up to be totally engaged. You free them up to WOW a customer. Themselves.

We all have that negative ninja voice in our head karate-chopping big, bold, crazy ideas.

Last time I heard, we’re all humans. Unfortunately the ugly part of the human condition is our inclination to whittle down our contribution to be ordinary, to be safe.

So here’s my idealistic thought for the day: Let’s help each other step up and play big. Help one another ditch the doubt that’s forcing the hand of small plays. We all can use some astonishment – the kind that makes us step back and say, “Look what we did! We’re rock stars.”

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