Love, Leadership and the 21st Century

Love, Leadership and the 21st Century

Posted on 28. Sep, 2011 by in 1 Leadership, People & Change

Love is a dirty word in business. Unfortunately the 20th century belief that love is unacceptable in business still has its uncomfortable hooks in management practices and leaders’ minds.

For a New Era Leader love isn’t a dirty word. Instead, it’s a leadership act showing genuine interest in the well being of employees. It’s also a source to create meaning in work and foster optimism in the workplace.

In these days where more people are seeking to define what a meaningful life looks like for them personally and professionally, it’s time for more leaders to look to love. I assert that it’s always been there. Most leaders just delicately tip-toe around the emotion of it.

On the heels of the Great Recession and perhaps on the precipice of another, many of us are questioning the excess in the ways we lived. Hindsight is a great teacher, albeit a painful one. But we must move forward. What that looks like is unclear. The past’s go-to answers aren’t helping with timely forward motion. Something must replace the beliefs and actions that got us to these times. Otherwise the beliefs and actions that pushed us to these volatile economic times leave us with a bad taste in our mouths and depressing balances in our accounts. A bad taste doesn’t last forever, though.

The moment is now for us to look into how we create value for each other and for the companies we work. And in return the companies need to understand how they create value for their employees, then customers, then shareholders.

A good place to start is to understand that it’s okay to love employees. Not in a romantic, sexual way. But in ways that deliberately communicate the meaningfulness in the relationships between managers and employees.

Or perhaps more directly stated: it’s human nature to love. It no longer needs to be shrouded in some vague reasoning that love doesn’t apply to how we work together.

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