What Is Your Leadership Story?

What Is Your Leadership Story?

Posted on 30. Oct, 2011 by in 1 Leadership, Change In Action, People & Change

What story do you want your leadership to tell? What story is told through your actions?  Does your story illustrate what you believe or want?

Leadership is an honor we all have the opportunity to show. My good friend Susan Mazza says leadership is a verb. It’s when we are in action that we show the guts, sweat, and smiles in our leadership. 

Rarely do we take the time to reflect on what story our leadership tells

Rarely do we stop and look at the influences our leadership leaves on others. 

Rarely do we think what themes make up our leadership story.

Rarely do we purposely formulate who we are in our leadership story.

Rarely do we think through the outcomes we want our leadership to create.

As you prepare for this week, think about the story you want to craft through your leadership-in-action. Make it memorable. Leave people touched, moved, and inspired.

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