Coping With Acne When Living In Bangkok

When you are unfortunate to suffer from acne, it can sap your self-confidence and make you self-conscious about your appearance, especially when meeting new people for the first time. It also does not help when living in Bangkok, as the pollution in the city can cause acne breakouts, and it also causes free radical damage making your skin age prematurely. There are various types of acne treatment in Bangkok, and you will need to find one that is suitable for you and effective. Follow the advice below, which can help get your acne under control and make you much more confident about your appearance.

Find A Suitable Dermatologist

You want to find a reputable dermatologist in Bangkok that you can visit who can help you with your acne and keep it under control. They can look at the root cause of your acne and help you by prescribing suitable medications you can use to control the condition. Some types of acne can be controlled with medication, while others it does not help as much. However, your dermatologist can also help you establish a suitable daily beauty regime that can assist you in getting your acne under control.

Creating A Suitable Beauty Regime

You will want to ensure that you create an effective beauty regime that will keep your skin clean and help to control your acne. You will want to wash your face thoroughly at least twice a day and after sweating, which can cause an outbreak, and you will also want to use a non-abrasive cleanser that can help clean your pores and control outbreaks. You will want to use warm water when washing and ensure you do not scrub your skin hard, which can worsen the problem. It may take some trial and error to find the best products for your skin that are most effective at controlling your acne, and you can find some more tips on what your beauty regime should look like by clicking here.

Other Tips To Help

You will want to avoid going on sunbeds or out in the sun too much when you suffer from acne, and when you go outside, ensure you use suitable sun protection cream. You will want to keep your hands from touching your face as much as possible and ensure you do not pick your spots or scars, which can make them worse and more noticeable. Visit your dermatologist regularly, and always ensure you follow their advice carefully, and you can help banish your acne and boost your self-confidence significantly.

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