Copper Plate applications

Copper Plate is used in different applications for the different properties of it. The anticorrosive properties of copper made it the best fit for anticorrosive applications. Military furniture, often the missiles have used copper due to the anticorrosive nature. It is also used in storage of nuclear material. The antifouling properties are notable in copper. Organisms do not accumulate on copper like they do on other materials. This property makes the copper plate be used in ship and boat hulls. These locations are often crowded with marine organisms. With copper, this is avoided. Copper is naturally highly electric conductive. This property allows copper to be used in various electric and electronic applications. Industrial copper plates are used in electrical industry.

 Copper is thermally conductive. It can exchange heat in great ratios. So it is naturally the choice for heat exchangers, boilers and condensers. The copper material comes in different grades and standards. The copper plates are produced in sheets of larger sizes. Producing metallic plates in larger sizes is beneficial to reduce the production cost. The Copper Sheet is then stored or cut to different sizes of copper plates. There are pure copper and alloyed copper variations. The commercially pure copper contains above 99.99% copper. The c110 is such a commercially pure copper grade. The prices of 110 etp copper sheet can vary according to the use cases, demand and supply of copper. Copper is comparatively low cost. Copper plates could be bent without cracking but their strength is substandard compared to other metals.

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