Getting Into the Field Of Radio Broadcasting: An Overview!

Intrigued how those RJs and commentators manage to talk for so long without a script? Surprised about the new-age shows on digital radio? Probably a career in radio broadcasting is right for you! For the last two decades, people have been saying that radio would be dead, especially because we have so many new mediums to simply ‘chill’. However, digital radio has changed it all, and there are more roles now than ever before. If you are wondering how to get into radio, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

  • Join radio broadcasting school. Getting trained for the world of radio broadcasting is the best way to open up new avenues. There are many schools that offer incredible courses, and you can choose to work in the field you like. From creative work like that of a radio producer or announcer, to more management and technical roles, you can explore better if you have hands-on training.
  • Look for volunteering options. Many colleges have gigs and small internships, where you can work at a radio station or even at the campus radio. You have to get some kind of experience in the world of radio broadcasting, and there is nothing better than volunteering.
  • Check for other roles. No one is going to give you the mike at the station if you don’t have the necessary experience. Make sure that you check for other roles that are required at radio stations. There are also promotional offers that stations run from time to time, and they often need young people to work for them in different capacities.

  • Networking does help. If you know people, who are in the radio broadcasting business, make sure to keep contact with them. With social media, you can follow a lot of relevant people, who can make it easy for you to find opportunities.
  • Check for internships. When it comes to internships, don’t expect big bucks at a station, but you will get some responsibility, which is a great way to learn on the job. As you gain some experience, you will be given better roles to manage.

Check online for radio broadcasting schools, and ask for a counseling session to understand if you are more suited for creative or management side of things. Don’t shy away from asking relevant questions related to the exposure that a course will offer for your career.

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