Getting to know when not to use anti seize compound

While the anti seize compound might seem to be like a great idea on stubborn fastener or a shortcut to a damaged fastener proper repair, you don’t have to use it in certain application. In case the thread is already cross-threaded or damaged thread, you don’t have to use the anti-seize in helping to install the fastener.

The threads need to be re-tapped, chased, or repaired. There is no need of using anti-seize as a lubricant such as on the caliper slide pins or on the threads that are coming from bushing press or any other mechanical assembly that requires some lubricant.

You don’t have to use anti-seize on the threads which are exposed as the compound might attract contaminants that might contribute to the damage of the threads when the fastener gets removed. Two of the applications which tend to be most asked about are; if to use the anti-seize on the spark plugs, and if you should use it on the lug nuts.

The answer to both of them is a big no. You don’t have to apply the anti-seize on either of the two and in fact, in both scenarios, you will run the risk of causing a lot of damage.

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