Helpful Storage Hints When Living Space Is Restricted

Many people now live and work in large cities, and their home is not as large as they would like them to be due to the cost of living. When living in apartments or smaller homes, storage space is often at a premium, and any devices or solutions that maximise your storage are welcome. We will discuss some space-saving products or design ideas that maximise the available space in small apartments and affordable self-storage options at sites that are popping up all over Bangkok. Self-storage is an excellent low-cost solution, especially for larger items you may want to keep for some time.

Storage Solutions for Smaller Homes

Most people living in apartments or smaller homes struggle to find enough storage space. But with some simple creative design ideas and the right strategies, it is easy to live small and store big. Let us discuss some quick and easy fixes that you can put in place straight away –

  • Choose storage units wisely – pick furniture with a dual purpose, a unit with a tabletop leaves further space for storage jars or baskets.
  • Going vertical – using shelves effectively, especially in kitchens and living rooms, makes the most of the available space.
  • Hide your storage – use under-bed draws or upholstered benches to disguise storage areas.
  • Use dead space – hooks and slim storage baskets on the back of doors maximise space.
  • Go your belongings – people keep more than they need, so store only what you really need and sell or donate the remainder.

Try to keep your floor clear of clutter; this will give you the appearance of more space, open storage on walls or shelves can be homes for everyday items like keys or purses. You normally wear different clothes during the changing seasons, so use collapsible clothes bags to store out-of-season items while you are not wearing them.

Discussing Off-Site Self-Storage

You may find yourself in a situation where despite all the handy tips and tricks, you still need more storage space. If that is the case, the solution is one of many self-storage facilities now open in Bangkok. These are temperature-controlled storage spaces that you can rent on flexible terms and suit most types of storage problems, both large and small. You are given a pin code for your unit and can access your stored belongings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Ensure the self-storage facility you use has all the appropriate security measures to keep your items safe and sound. People living in smaller homes are finding this a superb and convenient solution to the storage space problem.

Try out some of these helpful storage hints and make your apartment a storage heaven.

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