How the Retail Sector is Changing and What to Expect

Ever since the arrival of the World Wide Web, more and more global consumers are shopping online, and with the emergence of Covid-19, e-commerce has certainly seen a surge in use in 2020. Add to that the high level of competition and you have a situation whereby turning a profit is even harder than it once was. Price is one area where the traditional retailer is finding it hard to compete, as online suppliers do not have the same high retail expenses, and that means you have to shave your prices to the minimum.

Revamping your In-Store Décor

This is one way to attract people into your store and by talking to the owner of a local sign shop (known as ร้านทำป้าย in Thai), you can be aware of the many technologies that are used with in-store decoration. You can, for example, have a large wall-sized sticker created that would be the perfect backdrop for your chosen theme, and the professionals can attach this to almost any substrate.

Digital Promotion

There are several ways that digital technology can improve your in-store ambience, with digital text boxes where you can program the message, which rolls 24/7, informing people about your products and services. Alternatively, you can place a large LED screen inside your store which loops a short presentation about a product line, which is a very powerful way to demonstrate your products.

Cashless Society

We are already moving towards a cashless society and this means providing customers with a range of payment methods, including Bitcoin and other prominent digital currencies. Simply put, the more payment options you have, the better, and if you join forces with the right companies, your customers can enjoy a ‘buy now-pay later’ shopping environment.

Digital Marketing

If you want to encourage shoppers to visit your store, why not make the best use of digital marketing? Make contact with a digital marketing agency that focuses on helping the small retailer and they can help you to identify your target groups, then devise effective ways to reach those people.

Social media is one aspect of digital marketing that you simply cannot afford to ignore, with millions of users search on social media, looking for products. Start by creating accounts with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then post quality content on a regular basis, which should result in a large and ever-growing following.

It takes a lot of careful planning to create a dynamic in-store ambience, which should see a rise in revenue as more people buy your products.

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