Uses and Types of Eco-friendly Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated paper is robust than the normal cardboard paper, so it is used to deliver food items like pizza. The ridges are flexible and offer strength. The corrugated boxes are designed from two elements –

  • Liner – It is the outer surface used to make the surface flat in large boxes. Sometimes, a liner is added to the inside.
  • Medium – Medium offers the box strength and is inside the box. It is arch-shaped and helps to join the sheets.

The liner and the medium are properly balanced using sticky glue. Thus, the corrugated box gets its strength for shipping. It is necessary to choose the best quality paper or cardboard.

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Uses of corrugated cartons

Packing and promoting – Different things can be packed in these boxes. Brands can have their logo imprinted on the exterior for promotion. These boxes, when shipped to a destination, attract onlooker’s attention and thus a route for brand awareness gets built.

Recycling – The boxes are made using recycled material. They can be re-used, re-pulped, and even re-designed into recyclable characteristics that protect the environment.

Versatility – It is the most versatile material used in a plethora of industries to pack and deliver products.

  • Food
  • Office supply
  • Industrial supply
  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • E-commerce
  • Relocation
  • Healthcare and more

It helps in food safety and protects supplies from damages. It is easily available in a variety of designs and sizes. Corrugated boxes hardly break underweight, which ensures you ship things without damaging content stored inside.

Different types of corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes offer flexibility. You can choose the type based on thickness to pack different size products.

Single faced – It has a single medium and one-liner. It protects things during shipment, as it is used for wrapping the item.

Single wall – It has a solo medium sheet and two liners. Brand owners use it for delivering a different kind of products, even eatables.

Double walls – There are 3 liner sheets and 2 mediums. Heavy things need this kind of strong covering to handle the weight during loading and unloading.

Triple walls – It used 4 liners and 3 medium sheets. The boxes are thicker than other options. It is used to ship furniture, electrical appliances, or other heavier items.

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