What Is Forex Target Trading and How Does It Work?

Forex target trading is one of the most critical and popular strategies used in Forex trading. One can easily figure out the price movement and trend of the market and can predict the next movement of the chart. A trader can use this information to establish his position in the market. One of the common forms of target trading is the grid trading technique. In this technique, the retailers create a stop entry order based on some conditions and set a specific profit destination order.

What is a trade with a target?

Setting up a profit destination before entering a trade will force you to evaluate the risk: reward ratio, and by establishing the goal, you can find out the profitable value. Thus, anyone can predict or realize his risk: reward ratio even before placing the trade. At a reasonable profit destination, the ratio of reward and risk is balanced. A profit goal can inhibit your possible gains by eliminating you from the total trade once your predetermined point is crossed.

With risky trades, this profit target will work by locking the profits at incremental points, and in this way, it will limit the possible losses. Intelligent traders bookend their trades by utilizing both stop-loss and profit goal orders to minimize the casualties caused by the opposite situation when the price continues its movement against their prediction.

Placing your profit targets

You can place a target in multiple ways, and the most common procedure includes the identification of support and resistance levels. Placing the profit target at the exact stop-loss order and at the resistance magnitude below your support value is also a good and standard method.

Resistance and support can be determined by following a rudimentary process by placing a straight trendline throughout the maximum and minimum value on the price graph. But to do the perfect market analysis like an Aussie trader, you need to choose a broker like Saxo. Click here to contact the support team of Saxo and get your real trading account.

One can also use a pivot analysis to establish the levels of resistance and support, thereby placing his profit goal. The pivot point will take the closing values and use them to create a present trading range, which is called the levels of resistance and support. In a stronger trend, the price will keep breaking the resistance threshold, and thus, it will create a nice stair-shaped pattern.

By placing the profit destination at an established resistance point, the trader can lock in his profits once the price breaks the range and continue its trend. The retailer can also predict the secondary levels of resistance and support by using the net width of the present range of resistance and support. In this case, he will be able to place his new stop-loss order and profit target.

Should you use Forex target trading?

Forex target trading can be a better trading method and has the possibility of generating a specific number of successful trades. The most important thing about this trading system is that it is neither smaller nor bigger. It is a wise decision to follow the constant rhythm of the trading market. Experts often opine that having profit goal doesn’t make any sense. Instead, it is better to take a position from which one can easily take the advantage of what the market can offer.

It is feasible to place the profit destinations by using the ATR (average true range), which is a great indicator that can easily calculate the volatility of the price. The values of ATR will reflect the change in the market price. One can add value to the present market and can set a reliable profit goal for the next day.


Forex target trading sometimes plays its role but can also be counter-productive and hinder growth. Generally, the retailers find more success by adjusting to the market conditions rather than pursuing profit destination targets.

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